Jewellery Sizing Guide

Here you will find the sizes for our hand-made charms.  All sizes are approximate due to the nature of the product and please allow up to 10% shrinkage during the firing process.


Rectangle: Small – 20mm x 10mm  Medium – 22mm x13mm  Large – 26mm x 16mm

Circle: Small – 12mm diameter  Medium – 15mm diameter  Large – 22mm diameter

Heart: Small – 12mm x 12mm  Medium  – 14mm x 14mm  Large – 20mm x 20mm at widest points

Square: Small – 12mm x12mm  Medium – 15mm x15mm Large – 18mm x 18mm

Star: Small – 15mm   Medium – 24mm  – 32mm at widest points

Curved Heart: Medium – 14mm x 19mm  Large – 19mm x 24mm at widest points