Nurseries, Pre-schools, Baby and Toddler Groups Events

 Nurseries, Pre-schools, Baby and Toddler Group Events


Pretty Little Dragonfly offers local nurseries, pre-schools, baby and toddler groups the opportunity to host one of our ‘Hand Printing Events’ which is a fantastic support for the groups fundraising.

How it Works.

Each Group can Host a ‘Pretty Little Dragonfly Hands Printing Event’

We work alongside nurseries, pre-schools, baby and toddler groups by providing details of our products enabling the parents to view them, we provide a few samples for display and leave our order forms for the parents and carers. We then arrange a convenient date and time to hold a ‘Hand Printing Event” this is when we take all of the children’s prints. This is a fun experience which the children really enjoy at the end of the session each child receives a lovely certificate.  A percentage of all orders taken will then be donated back to the group to help support fundraising which helps improve partnerships with parents and enhance their provision or if preferred a donation is given to a charity of their choice.

For more information or to book a ‘Pretty Little Dragonfly Hand Printing Event’ please contact us in one of the following ways:

Call Victoria on 07928 748767